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Why Eat Beef?

Back in 1950 about 90% of farmers were beef producers. In 1952 a meeting of all Bruce County cattle producers was called in Paisley and the Bruce County Beef Cattle Producers Association was formed.

The organization today is known as Bruce County Beef Farmers and still has a very active agenda including organizing the Chesley Beef BBQ, beef and rural lifestyle promotion and representing the general interests of the beef farmer.

Click on the link below to read an indepth history of this committed group.

PDF Download Read about Bruce County Beef Farmers

Read the story of 'Cattle Kate' born near Aaron Lake, in the heart of Bruce County.
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2017 Bruce County Beef Farmers Executive:

Secretary/Treasurer Jennifer Legge 519-363-2075
Steve Eby Kincardine
Jeff Kobe Port Elgin
Mike Jeffray Wroxter
Don Grant Dobbinton
Allan Dales Dobbinton
Brendan Zettler Teeswater
Jasper Munro Tiverton
Curtis Calhoun  Dobbinton
Brian Dudgeon  Dobbinton
Jarrett Johnson  Dobbinton
Scot Legge  Chesley
Ryan Wolfe Dobbinton
Terry Moser  South Bruce
Earl Cameron  Lion's Head
Steve Thede Port Elgin
Craig Trelford Dobbinton
Jairus Maus Cargill
Scott MacDonald Tara
Tyler Gibson Allenford
Calvin Anstett Walkerton
Bill Monkman Dobbinton